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The Daily Climb or Daily Challenge is an alternate game mode for Slay the Spire in which players attempt the best score in a seeded run with a set of modifiers as a preselected character. The Daily Climb's modifiers are reset and selected each day, with each Daily Climb having its own Scoreboard. The character, seed and modifiers are identical for all players however the decisions typically available are still present meaning the runs from two players may diverge significantly.

Daily Challenges are not played with an Ascension level - no Ascension effects are applied to the run by default, nor can you run a Daily Challenge with an Ascension level applied to it.

List of Daily Modifiers

Modifier Effect
All Star Start with five Colorless cards.
Big Game Hunter Elite enemies are now swarming the Spire and drop better rewards.
Binary Card rewards contain only two cards.
Certain Future This map contains only one path.
Cursed Run Whenever you defeat a boss, become Cursed. Your starting relic is replaced with Cursed Key, Darkstone Periapt, and Du-Vu Doll.
Diverse Cards are not restricted by your character.
Draft Draft a custom starting deck of cards.
Heirloom Start with one Rare Relic.
Hoarder Whenever you add a card to your deck, add two additional copies. You can no longer remove cards from your deck at the Merchant.
Insanity Start with a random deck of 50 cards.
Lethality You start each combat with +3 Strength. All enemies start combat with +3 Strength.
Midas Enemies drop 200% more gold, but you cannot upgrade cards at Rest Sites.
Night Terrors Resting at Rest Sites heals 100% of your HP, but costs 5 max HP.
Restless Journey You are no longer healed when you enter a new Act.
Shiny Starting deck is replaced with one of every rare card.
Terminal Whenever you enter a new room, lose one Max HP. Start each combat with five Plated Armor.
Time Dilation All enemies become Slow.
Uncertain Future The map only shows ?.
Vintage Normal enemies drop relics instead of cards.