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Keywords are the shorthand terms used to describe specific actions or statuses.

  • Artifact - Buff - Ignores the next Debuff for each stack of Artifact.
  • Attack - One of the major card categories, focused on dealing direct damage to enemies.
  • Block - Reduces incoming damage by the amount of block. Block will wear off at the start of your turn. Block will not reduce the effects of poison or cards that specify HP loss.
  • Buff/Debuff - Any beneficial effect is a Buff, all powers are considered to be Buffs, some enemies will apply buffs to themselves. Debuffs are any negative effect, these will be ignored at the cost of 1 stack of Artifact if available.
  • Channel - Channeling an Orb puts it into your first empty slot. If you have no empty slots, your first Orb is automatically Evoked to make room.
  • Curse - One of the major card categories, provide negative effects and hinder your play. Curses are only obtained through events and relics.
  • Dexterity - Increases the Block gained by card effects by 1 for each stack of Dexterity gained.
  • Ethereal - This card will Exhaust itself if it is in your hand at the end of turn.
  • Evoke - Consume your rightmost Orb and use its Evoke effect.
  • Exhaust - Removes the Exhausted card from the deck until end of combat.
  • Innate - Always begin combat with this card in your hard
  • Poison - At the start of a Poisoned entity's turn it will take damage equal to the amount of poison applied to it. Poison is reduced by 1 at the end of their turn.
  • Power - One of the major card categories, provides a continuous effect, Powers are consumed when played (Exhausted without triggering Exhaust)
  • Retain - You may choose and keep 1 card at the end of turn to keep for each stack of Retain.
  • Shiv - A neutral attack card that costs 0 and deals 4 damage, then Exhausts itself.
  • Skill - One of the major card categories. Skills encompass all positive cards that do not deal damage and are not powers.
  • Status - Status cards are not found in the main deck, and are instead shuffled in by enemy attacks, some relics and certain cards. Statuses are much like Curses, but are not permanent and will leave your deck after combat.
  • Strength - Increases the damage dealt from hits by 1 for each stack of Strength gained.
  • Upgrade - Upgrades a card, if this is applied by a card effect, it will last until the end of the current combat. Most cards can only be upgraded once.
  • Unplayable - This card cannot be played from your hand and must be discarded or exhausted.
  • Vulnerable - Debuff - All attack damage received by a vulnerable entity is increased by 50% this amount can be modified by relics. This does not impact the damage dealt by Powers, Potions or Relics.
  • Weak - Debuff - All attack damage dealt by a weakened entity is reduced by 25% this amount can be modified by relics. This does not impact the damage dealt by Powers, Potions or Relics.
  • Wound - An Unplayable status card with no other effects.