Special Seeds

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This page contains all known special seeds.

Name Effects
M0RECARDS Adds Hoarder mod. (Whenever you add a card to your deck, add two additional copies. You can no longer remove cards from your deck at the Merchant.)
CURSED Adds Cursed Run mod. (Whenever you defeat a Boss, become Cursed. Your starting relic is replaced with Cursed Key, Darkstone Periapt, and Du-Vu Doll.)


Adds three random mods.
MEGADRAFT Adds Diverse mod. (Draft a custom starting deck of cards.)

Adds Draft mod. (Cards are not restricted by your character.)

FADEAWAY Adds Night Terrors mod. (Resting at Rest Sites heals 100% of your HP, but costs 5 max HP.)

Adds Terminal mod. (Whenever you enter a new room, lose 1 Max HP. Start each combat with 5 Plated Armor.)

PRAISESNECK0 Removes starting relic.

Adds Snecko Eye relic. (Draw 2 additional cards each turn. Start each combat Confused.)

Y0URET00SLOW Adds Time Dilation mod. (All enemies start with the Slow debuff.)
STARTERDECK Adds Binary mod. (Card rewards contain only 2 cards.)

Adds Busted Crown relic. (Gain Energy at the start of each turn. On Card Reward screens, you have 2 fewer cards to choose from.)

INCEPTI0N Adds Unceasing Top relic. (Whenever you have no cards in hand during your turn, draw a card.)
MYTRUEFORM Adds 1 Demon Form card.

Adds 1 Wraith Form card.
Adds 1 Echo Form card.

1HITW0NDER Start with 1 HP.